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Winter Management Services of CT, LLC is your source for environmentally friendly de-icing technologies. Our effective, efficient products will put your budget on track for the winter season. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best customer support in the ice and snow control industry.

Winter Management Services of CT, LLC is a distributor of ICE▪BAN®, the ice and snow control product that is rapidly becoming the de-icer of choice. The major benefits of ICE▪BAN® over untreated salt include reducing your labor costs, giving a much greater melting capability than pure MgCL, and keeping snow and ice from bonding to pavement by melting ice and snow faster. It is also a more environmentally friendly product which is less harmful to plants, pets and livestock, and less corrosive to steel and concrete.

Major Features:

  • Low operating temperature

  • Substantially lengthens the operating time of rock salt by lengthening the freeze curve

  • Provides corrosion inhibition for steel and protection to concrete against spalling

Major Benefits:

  • Mitigation of slip and fall liability

  • Reduction in the volume of materials used

  • Reduction in damage to building and grounds infrastructure

  • Reduced environmental damage as a result of placing less chlorides on the ground

With one supplier for ALL of your de-icing technology needs, we will save you both time and money. Rising snow and ice control costs are a real problem. Become part of the solution by using de-icing products containing ICE▪BAN®.

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